Ecotourism in nature protected areas: challenges and how to deal with them?

The number of tourists in the protected areas increases annually, which carries certain challenges that were discussed with the experts in the framework of TurExpo 2019:

– Ecological sanitation: why is it important to install proper toilets and what are the options
– Inclusivity: access to facilities for the low-mobility population
– Unified marking and navigation system: how to do it right
– Branding of protected areas: how parks should communicate and what the style should be used
– Garbage issue: how it can be solved, an example of the Carpathian National Nature Park
– The general challenges of tourism increasing: the proper maintenance of existing eco-trails and tourist routes, increasing their number; border marks and information boards; create conditions for access to the most interesting objects; dispersion of tourist flows; constant patrolling of territories etc.

Materials from the panel discussion:

In addition, protected areas were presented at the exhibition stand, where visitors could obtain useful information from consultants and handouts: maps and postcards.

Thanks to TourExpo 2019 and Greenways Ukraine – зелені шляхи України for your assistance in organizing the stand and panel!

The protected areas were presented at the TourExpo 2019 within the framework of the project Support to Nature Protected Areas in Ukraine.

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