Competition on the selection of two Ukrainian Protected Areas staff for training at the European Parks Academy (Klagenfurt, Austria, July, 2017)

The project “Support to Nature Protection in Ukraine – SNPA” promotes the conservation of the country’s outstanding natural richness with a strong focus towards the Carpathian Mountains, hosting large tracts of natural landscapes including primeval forests and making it a stronghold for many rare European plant and animal species.


The project is delivered in the framework of the German Financial Cooperation (FC) and financed by KFW Development Bank. The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (MENR) of Ukraine assumes overall responsibility for the implementation and operation of the project. AHT GROUP AG (AHT) in association with the WWF International Danube-Carpathian Programme, Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS), and Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds (USPB) has been awarded the contract by KFW on behalf of MENR to execute this project as implementation consultant (2016).


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Management and governance of protected areas have become complex tasks in a dynamic environment. The global network of protected areas on one hand directly interferes with new scientific findings, theories and concepts, has to face supra-regional and global trends and the fact that international institutions, such as IUCN, permanently revise, develop and upgrade standards guidelines and policies. On the other hand, these developments need to be brought “to the ground” in the ecologic, social, economic and cultural context of the concrete parks and countries.

As part of its capacity building and training activities the SNPA project announces the competition of the selection of 2 suitable staff from eight Protected Areas to attend the European Parks Academy (Klagenfurt, Austria) summer course in 2017.

The European Parks´ Academy is a unique educational offer for executives, national authorities and professionals in the management of protected areas, as well to planners, consulters and stakeholders. The summer school is located at the attractive facilities of the Klagenfurt Lakeside Campus. International trainers and international participants elaborate jointly solutions to particular problems. The European Parks´ Academy in run in cooperation with the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas WCPA. Detailed information is available at:


In 2017 two seminars are offered that are relevant within the project´s context:

  • Effective financial management of protected areas (exploring new mechanisms of funding, like fundraising, sponsoring, international donors, to support financial survival of protected areas);
  • New challenges in the governance in protected areas (exploring methods and formats for stakeholder involvement, strengthening the local management capacities, working of protected areas in local networks).


Both topics are addressing some of the most crucial issues for the Ukrainian protected areas system. The specific design of the programme allows participants to bring their own case studies, problems or challenges to jointly work on them with renowned experts and facilitators. Thus, the participants will work on practical Ukrainian challenges in protected area management and develop potential roadmaps, ideas or solutions which could be further pursued.


Duration: Combinable module of 3 days each, whole package (incl. excursions) 2 weeks

Date, venue: July 18th-29th 2017, Klagenfurt (Austria)


The project will support all necessary items linked to the training, including flight, accommodation, per diem, cover of the fee premium PA-training package (European Parks Academy) including logistic support, local contact point etc., In addition, the project will also cover insurance, city travel and books purchase.


Requirements for the candidates:

  • to be a staff member of the 8 SNPA project target areas in Ukraine (Karpatskyi Biosphere Reserve, Karpatskyi NNP, Synevyr NNP, Uzhanskyi NNP, Yavorivskyi NNP, Vyzhnytskyi NNP, Verkhovynskyi NNP and Gorgany NR)
  • to have a very good level of English language skills (able to lead a professional conversation);
  • to own a position in the management or research departments of protected area (which allows candidates to apply the received knowledge).


For the selection process, we ask for the submission of the following documents/information in English:

1) Personal information (CV or short notes, max 0,5 page)

  • Current institution and position
  • Educational background
  • Working experience in the fields of protected area management / nature conservation
  • Level of English language skills (including evidence)

2) Description of case study on your protected area (1 page)

  • Description of working area / specific protected area(s)
  • Current challenges in the management of specific area(s)
  • Special interest/expectations in the European Parks´ Academy

3) Additional materials, if necessary to support above documents (if applicant consider)

Applications from candidates who are not employees of the stated above protected areas and/or submitted not in English will be automatically rejected.


The deadline for receiving the documents: 29th of June 2017.

The documents/information need to be sent by email to Mr. Bohdan Prots:

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