Synevyr National Nature Park
Location: Transcarpathian region, Mizhgirya area Founded in 1989 Area - 43,000 ha, including 34,598 ha that are permanently managed

Synevyr National Nature Park is a place featuring a variety of beautiful and unique natural sites like no other in the Carpathians. There are, for example, beech-fir primeval and old-growth forests (claiming the status of World Natural Heritage UNESCO sites), Gluhania and Zamshatka swamps that support the hydrological balance of Tereblya river, and Synevyr lake, the largest natural lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine (and therefore the most famous site in the park). The water of Synevyr and Ozirtse lakes is of exceptional quality, reaching the highest quality standard of natural water bodies in Ukraine.

Many more picturesque sceneries like alpine meadows, bubbling streams and raging waterfalls as well as cultural attractions (an old wooden church, the ethnographic heritage of Boykivskyi region and traditional nature management practices) can be discovered in Synevyr NNP. The continuous stream of visitors from Ukraine and all over the world encourages the active development of “green tourism”.

About 100 animal and plant species that are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine (2009) were found in the park. The park hosts parts of migration corridors and habitats of large predators such as brown bear, wolf and lynx. A rehabilitation center was built to provide care for brown bears rescued from captivity. This project contributes to a better public awareness of conservation issues and to research on the behavior of Ukraine’s greatest predator.

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