Plans prepared for the proposed expansion of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve

As part of the SNPA-project, with the aim of preserving unique natural territories with old and virgin forests, a complete set of documentation was prepared which prepares for expanding the territory of Carpathian Biosphere Reserve (CBR) by 8272.5 hectares and transfer to the permanent use by the protected area some 9532 hectares, which today are part of CBR but yet under management of other institutions like forestry agencies or communities which doesn’t allow the biosphere reserve to fully operate its functions. As a result of the proposed territory expansion and if the political process is successful, the total area of the CBR would be 66308.3 thousand hectares. According to the new plans which still require ratification by the President of Ukraine, 49017.8 hectares of the future and expanded area will be in permanent use of the CBR, which will make the reserve a sole user of the territory and the administration will be able to provide preservation functions in full.

According to the inventory, 320 species of vascular plants, 173 moss species, 364 lichen species and about 250 species of macromycete fungi were identified on the territory proposed for expansion. There are 208 species of vertebrate animals, and about a thousand species of invertebrates and they are still being studied. Here, 71 species of fauna and growing sites for 44 species of flora (including fungi) listed in the Red Book of Ukraine (2009) were found, as well as the presence of 7 rare phytocoenoses included in the Green Book of Ukraine (2009) have been identified. It is also important that in the proposed expansion area a number of so called “protected objects” are located, which are protected by the status of natural monuments and protected sites.

A complete set of documentation which is the bases for the proposed CBR expansion was prepared as a result of an executed so called Quick Start Measure “On Expansion of the CBR core protected zone by adjacent high conservation value beech forests”.

To conduct these works, the tender committee defined the public organization “RakhivEcoTour” (Rakhiv) as a winner of the tender which was held in May 2018. All tasks under the terms of the contract were completed in full, within certain deadlines and in full compliance with the specifications.

As a result of this tender, a formal proposal was submitted to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine (MENR) for the expansion of the CBR, which included the materials of the completed technical task. The MENR on the basis of the articles of the laws “On the Nature Reserve Fund”, “On Environmental Protection” and “On Local State Administrations”, considered and agreed upon this proposal. The Ministry also appealed to the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration in order to approve the proposal with land users and interested state authorities, and prepare the required process for changing the boundaries of the CBR and the relevant Decree of the President of Ukraine.

A summary report can be found here: Technical report_final_ENG

Situational plan of the territory, which is designed to change boundaries (expansion)
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