Progress in development of NRF cadaster map

As part of the implementation of the pilot phase of the project “GIS and IT services for the development of the cadastral system for protected areas in Ukraine” and processing of the feedback form regarding the boundaries of protected areas on the public cadastral map:
● the boundaries of 99 protected areas in Zakarpats’ka, Kharkivs’ka, Dnipropetrovs’ka, Zaporiz’ka, Mykolaivs’ka, Ternopils’ka, Khersons’ka, and Chernihivs’ka oblasts were clarified
● boundaries of 10 protected areas in Zakarpats’ka, Kharkivs’ka, Donets’ka, Ternopils’ka, and Khersons’ka oblasts were added
The updated data was submitted to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources.

Among the processed protected areas:
● 73 nature monuments
● 25 preserves (zakaznyk)
● 2 protected tracts (zapovidne urochyshche)
● 2 dendrological parks
● 1 botanical garden
● Carpathian Biosphere Reserve
● Nature Reserve “Dniprovsko-Orilskyi”
● National Nature Parks “Oleshkivski Pisky” and “Synevyr”
● Regional landscape parks “Velykoburlutskyi step” and “Kramatorskyi”

Thank you to the experts who help collect the source materials and verify the results:
● Dmytro Tomenchuk (Deputy Head of Department of Environmental Management and Development of Protected Areas, Department of Ecology and Natural Resources, Zakarptska Regional State Administration)
● Tetiana Mykhailychenko (Deputy Head of Department, Head of Division, Department of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, Kharkivska Regional State Administration)
● Ihor Piatkivskyi (Deputy Head of the Department, Head of the Department of Ecological Network, Natural Resources, Ecomonitoring, and Public Relations, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Ternopilska Regional State Administration)
● Yurii Tiukh (Deputy Director for Scientific Work, National Nature Park “Synevyr”)
● Ihor Rosokha (National Nature Park “Synevyr”)
● Yurii Berkela (Head of Research and International Cooperation, Carpathian Biosphere Reserve)
● Vasyl Pokynchereda (Deputy Head, Department of Scientific Research and International Cooperation, Carpathian Biosphere Reserve)
● Maksym Vysochyn (Lead Researcher, Regional landscape park “Kramatorskyi”)
● Andrii Kompaniiets (Deputy Head of Department, Head of Rational Use of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Protection, Zaporizka Region State Administration)
● Viktoriia Slominska (Chief Specialist of the Department of Protected Areas and Bioresources, Department of Protected Areas and Economy of Nature Management, Khersonska Regional State Administration)
● Oleksandr Shyshatskyi
● Tetiana Sytnyk (Founder, NGO “Nasinnieva skarbnytsia”)
● Iryna Akulova (Chief Naturalist, Nature Reserve “Dniprovsko-Orilskyi”)
● Viktor Skorobohatov (Expert, Ukrainian nature conservation group)
● Olena Lepesii (Natural Ecosystems Conservation Engineer, National Nature Park “Oleshkivski Pisky”)

Work on correcting and adding the missing in the current version boundaries of protected areas continues. If you noticed any inaccuracies in the display of protected areas boundaries on the Public Cadastral Map or if a protected area known to you is missing – please send information via the feedback form

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