Water and heat supply provided for Gorgany Nature Reserve administration

Gorgany Nature Reserve is one of the eight target protected areas of the SNPA project. The administrative building of a reserve is located in an industrial area in Nadvirna. It is a three-storey building with office space, living quarters, a small museum and laboratories. The reserve has 29 full-time employees.

The staff working in the park administration did not have access to water provision since 2016. Water had to be transported to the building constantly. Therefore, the management of the reserve identified the setting-up a water supply to the building as a high priority. Funded through the SNPA-project, the required engineering documentation was developed and a 25-meter well was drilled. After that, the water supply was connected to the existing cold-water supply system in the building.

In addition, and maybe more severe for the administration team, the existing heating boiler did not provide a stable heat supply, it was outdated and did not function properly. The repair was not possible anymore. Therefore, given the low winter temperatures, it needed immediate replacement before the start of the winter. An important criterion was that the new boiler would provide inexpensive and energy-efficient heat supply, and hot water as well.

Therefore, the project supported the installation of a new, energy-efficient boiler. Within the framework of the project, the basement of the old boiler room was renovated and a new metal boiler was installed. The new 98 kW Kraft boiler is 2.5 times more efficient than the previous one, it is running on renewable energy (firewood).

“The building was built almost 20 years ago. There have always been problems with the old boiler. Moreover, for the last four years, there was no water supply in administration, we had to transport it constantly. Now we have a new efficient boiler and water supply in the administrative building,” said the director of the reserve Yaroslav Petrashchuk.

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