Vyzhnytskyi National Nature Park
Location: Ukraine, Chernivtsi region, Vyzhnytsya area Founded in 1995 Area - 11,238 ha

Vyzhnytskyy National Nature Park stands out from the other national parks in the Carpathian region. It represents the natural and cultural heritage of the Carpathian lowlands, called Pokutsko-Bukovina Carpathians, that are characterized by mild climate and the dominance of thermophilic forest species. Vyzhnytskyy is one of the smallest national nature parks in the Ukrainian Carpathians, however, due to the fairly coherent network of protected areas in the region, all the altitudinal zones typical for this part of the Carpathians are represented in the nature reserve system. More than 95 per cent of the park area is covered with forest vegetation, predominantly mixed fir-beech forests. 184 hectares of primeval forest stands were found in the park.

With tree-covered peaks and valleys of mountain streams in the background, the numerous rocks and waterfalls in the park look rather exotic. Besides, Vyzhnytskyy is rich in mineral springs of various types. One of them is “Luzhky” spring, the water of which has a unique chemical composition and therefore exhibits exceptional healing properties. There are also many cultural, historical and architectural monuments located in the park, for example a range of churches with bell towers, a former synagogue (a holy Hasidic site) and other historic buildings. A large number of eco-touristic routes, trails, recreational facilities and posts stimulate the development of “green tourism”.

Vyzhnytskyy hosts about 130 plant and animal species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine (2009), including brown bear, otter, lynx, wild cat and spotted salamander. In the foothills, the rare white and black storks can be found. The park administration also conducts activities to support the bison population in the Pokutsko-Bukovina Carpathians.

All information was provided by the park administration. For more details please visit http://www.npp.cv.ua/

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