Yavorivskyi National Nature Park
Location: Ukraine, Lviv region, Yavoriv district Founded in 1998 Area - 7,108.0 ha

Yavorivskyi National Nature Park is located in Roztochya, one of the most interesting physiographic regions of Western Ukraine. The park features typical and unique steppe landscapes as well as large wetlands in the area of the main European watershed. Roztochya extends into Polish territory, creating a great opportunity for cross-border cooperation in the field of ecosystem conservation. An important step for this cooperation would be the creation of the international UNESCO biosphere reserve “Roztochya”. On the Ukrainian side, the biosphere reserve was already established in 2011 and includes Yavorivs’kyi NNP.

Picturesque landscape, low elevation, great diversity of ecosystems and proximity to big cities make Yavorivs’kyi NNP a popular tourist destination, where people can experience culture, history and nature forming a unique, harmonious whole. This is of high importance in order to preserve biodiversity in the face of modern development.

The park as well as the whole Roztochya region is characterized by high woodiness. The most common vegetation types are beech, beech-pine and pine forests, and also alder forests, which are growing in the lower areas. In the northeastern part of the park, an interesting relict stand of spruce and maple still exists.

714 vascular plant species were found in the national park, 21 of them are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, 15 are protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), and 2 are protected by the Bern Convention. In terms of vertebrates, 299 species were discovered. 51 are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, 12 in the European Red List and 246 are subject of special protection according to the Bern Convention.

All information was provided by the park administration.
For more details please visit http://www.yavorpark.in.ua/.

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