A communication strategy is being developed for protected areas

On March 2, representatives from the protected areas, which are supported by the SNPA project, and experts from the SNPA project team worked on the development and finalization of a communication strategy for protected areas in Ukraine. The focus of many objectives and first activities of this strategy are the eight target protected areas of the SNPA project. A number of activities are planned to be implemented this year, while others require more detailed elaboration through sociological research and meetings with key target audiences.

The communication strategy is being developed in order to increase the citizens of Ukraine but also Europe’s awareness of protected areas in our country, attract their attention and assist in resolving conflicts. In addition, an important part of the strategy will be the creation of a brand, promotion of protected areas as tourist destinations and assistance in achieving their goals.

“This strategy is a living document which will be constantly updated throughout the project implementation. Communication measures for target areas of the project will become pilot projects for other protected territories in Ukraine. For the implementation of the strategy, the target parks will be provided with appropriate equipment (e.g. computers, software, cameras but also equipment to conduct public events). Some measures, such as a common corporate design, in particular a common information and marking system and larger information and awareness raising events – will be implemented already for other protected areas as well”, – said Michael Brombacher, the Teamleader of the Project.

During the meeting, participants got acquainted with the best communication practices in the nature conservation area, also featuring examples from other parts of the world. They also discussed the possibilities of their application in the activities of parks and reserves in Ukraine. In addition, a basic but joint message was formulated that will emphasize on the value of protected areas, the importance of their preservation for us and future generations.

“Working for a long time in the conservation field, we noticed that park visitors mostly do not realize that they got into the territory, which is a special natural treasure and is protected, they perceive it as just a Synevyr lake. In my opinion, changing the perception of protected areas should be the central idea of communication strategy “, – said the specialist of public relations of the Synevyr National Nature Park Marianna Mytsa.

For the formation of clear communication messages, channels and activities, further sociological research will be conducted, as well as meetings with the main target audiences – on a local scale. Some important elements have already been proposed by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, for example, taking into account consumer logistics, so that on its way to the protected areas there were appropriate signs and promotional materials, but the main accent in general, of course, is the preservation of nature.

The proposed communication strategy will be presented to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources for receiving the amendments and comments. Next step will be the development of ToRs and after they are is approved by the MENR and KfW, tenders will be announced. Please follow the news.

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