New and modern websites for Ukraine’s protected areas sector and for eight individual protected areas in the Carpathians

Tourism to the Carpathians is becoming more and more popular. At the same time, the outstanding Carpathian nature is under ongoing pressure and thus in need of improved protection. Consequently, professional branding and presentation of the Carpathian protected areas are also becoming more and more important. Already in 2019, the SNPA project, jointly with the project’s eight target areas and colleagues from MENR, developed a tender to upgrade the websites of these areas and also to upgrade the website of the national protected areas sector will.

The upgraded websites for the eight target areas will feature a new and modern look and will contain several new features, including newly produced high-quality videos and photos, promoting the natural values of these areas. In addition, dedicated communication trainings for selected employees of the areas will also be conducted a part of this tender.

The upgraded website for the general protected area sector of Ukraine will provide high-quality and easily accessible information about Ukraine’s national nature parks, nature reserves and biosphere reserves. A key part of the website will be an interactive map, which will for example allow visitors to plan their trips to one or several protected areas. The map will display key places to visit, routs, accommodations, and available activities in the area.

These updated and modern communication products will allow the protected areas to effectively present their natural and touristic values to a broad audience. This will not only help to promote stronger tourism, but will also support to spread knowledge and awareness about Ukraine’s natural values and the importance for the conservation of these areas.

“The new website and high-quality visual content will allow us to communicate faster and more effectively. It will also contribute to the promotion of the entire region and the growth of visitors to the area, ” commented Maria Shetelya, a PR and press specialist at Synevyr NNP.

To implement all the required work (website upgrades, trainings, etc.), a contractor was selected through a public tender process. The contractor consists of a consortium of individual experts which have successfully demonstrated their qualification and experience with protected areas and nature-related topics. The consortium consists of PE Oliynyk in cooperation with PE Blazhivsky, PE Lysyk and respective teams. The full work will be conducted jointly with representatives of MENR and the eight target areas and the SNPA project team.

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