The development of a corporate design for all PAs in Ukraine as a part of the communication strategy

Good communications and professional branding are key to improving the image of the Ukrainian PA system. Many other countries have already developed a joint corporate design for their PAs in order to mainstream their communications work and to make the PAs easily recognizable for the public. Professional branding is the basis for better marketing, especially of nature tourism destinations. It will also help to raise awareness for the parks among the general public and decision makers.

Therefore, the development of a corporate design for PAs in Ukraine was tendered. After the completion of the final brandbook and approval by the MENR, the corporate design will be used in all Ukrainian nature reserves. For example, a trail marking system for all Ukrainian PAs will be developed, applying the new corporate design and in accordance with European standards. Tourism experts will be involved in this task.

A communication strategy for the PAs in Ukraine was developed in order to attract attention to the PAs and to assist in resolving conflicts. The strategy is a living document which will be constantly updated throughout the project implementation. For the implementation of the strategy, the target parks will be provided with appropriate equipment and new websites and specific events will be organized.