Representatives of the target protected areas and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine participated in a training at the European Parks Academy

Four participants from the Ukrainian protected areas sector attended the European Parks Academy (Klagenfurt, Austria) training, which took place from 18th to 29th July 2017. The participation of two representatives from the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine (MENR) and two from the project’s eight target protected areas (PAs) was funded by the project “Support to Nature Protected Areas in Ukraine”. The EPA is a renowned training for protected areas managers and practitioners in Europe and during this during the two-week course, the participants studied and discussed the issue of effective financial management of PAs but also how to address new challenges in the management of PAs.

Two candidates were selected by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine:
– Anastasiya Drapalyuk (Chief Specialist of the Formation and Development of the Ecological Network and Territories of the Nature Reserve Fund);
– Olesya Petrovych (Chief Specialist of the Department for Coordination of Scientific Research, Environmental Education and Recreational Activities).

And two were selected by the Consultant, based on the results of the announced competition ( and assessment of the submitted documents.
– Marianna Mytsa (National Nature Park Synevyr);
– Vasyl Pokynchereda (Carpathian Biosphere Reserve).

After their return, the participants emphasized the important practical aspects of the training and also the acquired knowledge and experience that now will be implemented on the ground by them.

“During the first week, we studied the financing methods of PAs, as an example, National Nature Park Synevyr was selected. Colleagues from other parks have proposed many ideas for attracting additional financial resources, we will try to implement them. The second week was full of PAs management questions, the lecturer from Italy and colleagues shared their experience, ” – said Marianna Mytsa, a Leading Specialist in the Synevyr NPP.

The representative of the MENR, Chief Specialist of the Department for the Creation and Development of the Ecological Network and Protected Areas, Anastasiya Drapalyuk also noted the value of the training in terms of the possibility to gain knowledge and experience of foreign colleagues.

“Examples of lecturers from Austria, Slovenia, other European countries, as well as the African continent and America show that the diversity of forms of financing and management of PAs is important for the effective and long-term conservation of natural heritage. It was extremely important to exchange experience in various areas of environmental affairs with participants from Albania, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Austria, Ethiopia, Dubai, etc. “- Anastasiya Drapalyuk emphasized.

As a result of the training participants highlighted some of the main challenges for the PAs system in Ukraine, namely the implementation of international standards (IUCN, UNESCO, Ramsar, EU Directives, etc.), enhancing stakeholders’ participation in PAs management, creating an effective and transparent public administration system, developing new strategies and funding tools and others. The participants plan to put a focus on these questions in their further work.

Photos provided by the participants of the training.

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