The SNPA-Project hotline started to work

One of the main principles of the Project is its transparency. In order to grant project’s transparency a partnership with the Transparency International Ukraine (TI-U) has been set. This cooperation provides the Project with independent supervision of procurements and also considers appeals on the legal aspect of project implementation. For such reason, a special Confidential TI-U Hotline has started to work in the project website, through which anybody who has significant and well-justified complaints on the legal implementation of the project can send an anonymous or public letter to an independent TI-U lawyer.


At the Confidential TI-U Hotline you can leave an appeal which contains information concerning the legal aspects of project implementation and provides facts that can be tested and supported by evidences. All messages will be considered by the TI-U lawyers. The notification or provision of false information entails liability in accordance with the applicable law.

The independent lawyer will conduct an independent (from the project team) survey of such justified cases and also independently decides about further steps/conclusions.


What issues can be addressed?

  • Legal aspects of procurements (such as building projects, purchase of equipment and services of the project)
  • General legal aspects of the project and its implementation


What issues will not be considered?

  • Personal complaints and insults towards the project team members
  • Lobbing of specific organizations or service provides or personal interests
  • Other issues that are not related to the legal scope of the project


The answers to appeals will be published on the website in “All appeals” section (can be found through “Confidential TI-U hotline” block, where “View all appeals” is at the end of the page). The answer will be also sent to an email if provided in the form.

The hotline can be found here:

If you have a general question (non-legal) regarding the project implementation, please send it to the Communication Officer


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